The pool

To complete the holiday of pure pleasure at our Hotel Terme Antico Bagno, we have a new pool area for the care and relaxation of the body. There are two pools: one with whirlpool and a constant temperature of about 32°, to be used first to accustom the body at the temperature. The larger pool is 140 cm deep, with a temperature of 34° a chaise longue with Jacuzzi for the whole body, two therapeutic neck and back showers, and a rehabilitation walk with lymphatic drainage massage with a depth of 100 cm.


A room inside the pool area, is dedicated to the rehabilitation gym. In a comfortable atmosphere, filled by the light of the sunset, the room is equipped with fitness products for those who wish, even on holiday, to keep exercising: Treadmill, Elliptical Trainer Suspencion, fitness bike, multi station and floor mats for a complete training program are available.