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Since 1497 there was “the house of bath Fassa" which used the thermal spring source with numerous healing properties. It was described as a tourist accommodation among the largest for those times in these valleys. The tenant was obliged to “maintain in good condition the roofs, furniture and windows and to be always well supplied with bread, meat, wine and all that is needed to treat at best every guest both the poor and the rich, the healthy and the sick so that there was no complaint “(from" The Valley of Fassa “Dolomites … P.F.Ghetta of 1974).

In place of the old building now stands the Hotel Terme Antico Bagno that preserves and hand down through generations old times hospitality.

Our philosophy

Regeneration of body and mind, your holiday is conceived on all round well-being: you can indulge in the body care and leisure activity, from hiking to skiing, from the pleasures of good food to the most satisfying wellness.

Our aim is to create something special, pampering guests and creating a perfect balance between health and nature, fun and relax.


In the philosophy of complete wellness, the need to get in touch with the people around us and meet each other can not be missing. This is why we have reserved spaces for socializing and conviviality.

From the reception to the two spacious living rooms, from the restaurant to the breakfast room, from the bar to the relaxing lounge just let you welcome by the warmth of wood fired stoves, to spend pleasant evenings with friends or to read a book in a soft armchair.

For the well-being of our senses a rich choice of herbal tea is available to encourage the habit of drinking a lot of natural or thermal water enriched with herbs or fruit, which is essential not only to hydrate the body but also to stimulate and detoxify the body from the stresses of everyday life.

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Breakfast, lunch and dinner


Comfort Room, Junior Suite, Thermal Junior Suite


Pool, gym, sauna, thermal caves