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Is there a purer love than love for good food?

The ultimate foodie experience

Our nourishing and creative cuisine

You’re in Trentino. Your journey to discover our delicious and healthy food has just started. At the Terme Antico Bagno Hotel, food is an important part of our idea of wellbeing. We scrupulously select the ingredients based on their nutritional values and enhance their flavours, thanks to our chef Marcello, who always looks for new techniques to delight your taste buds.

The best ingredients and research

Scrupulously selected ingredients: the Mediterranean diet

meets local produce thanks to chef Marcello, who will always delight you with new, healthy, appetising recipes.


Mouthwatering desserts

And then there’s Jacopo, who will enchant your taste buds with delectable creations. An eye for tradition, a touch of innovation, and impeccable presentations to end your meal on a sweet note.

Have breakfast in the company of the Dolomites

Imagine waking up and having breakfast in front of the Dolomites. Every morning, we prepare a breakfast buffet with fresh, tasty, and nourishing products. Enjoy our homemade cakes and many delicacies in a cosy location with large windows overlooking the Dolomite peaks.

There’s always something to suit your taste!

We know that some of you are gluten-intolerant. That’s why we have a menu just for you.

Contact us if you have special requests. We’ll be happy to meet them all!