Indoor pool

At the Hotel Terme Antico Bagno there’s a pool area for the care and relaxation of the body. There are two pools: one with whirlpool and a constant temperature of about 32 °, to be used first to accustom the body at the temperature. The larger pool is 140 cm deep, with a temperature of 34 ° a chaise longue with Jacuzzi for the whole body, two therapeutic neck and back showers, and a rehabilitation walk with lymphatic drainage massage with a depth of 100 cm.

Outdoor pool

In the outdoor garden it is possible to enjoy our whirlpool, overlooking the Dolomites. Whether it is a hot summer day, where it is necessary to find refreshment or a cold winter day, perhaps during a snowfall, our whirlpool will welcome you in the warm thermal waters, for an exclusive moment of relaxation.


The sauna… a pleasant and reinvigorating treat in every season!
After an active day spent in contact with nature, the embracing warm of the sauna regenerates body and mind.
The water from the Alloch spring is an exceptional complement! A thermal shower before the heat bath purifies the skin helping to eliminate toxins!


A room inside the pool area, is dedicated to the rehabilitation gym. In a comfortable atmosphere, filled by the light of the sunset, the room is equipped with fitness tools for those who wish, even on holiday, to keep exercising: Treadmill, Elliptical Trainer Suspension, fitness bike, multi station and floor mats for a complete training program are available.

Thermal care

Warm humid space recreated with the appearance of a cave with waterfall and thermal water cascades.

Stay for about 15 minutes inside the cave, alternating the 2 waterfalls, the largest one and the smaller ones, in a comfortable position so that the water hits the trapezius muscle area between the shoulder and neck. The therapy is indicated for neck massage and relaxation of the part. Also indicated as a treatment for impure skin as the water particularly rich in sulphates has antiseborrheic and keratolytic cleansing properties.


Rasul steam bath.
The steam bath, thanks to its invigorating and relaxing properties, is an excellent therapy to combat daily tension and stress. It is also a pleasant tool to improve one’s psychophysical balance as well as the aesthetic aspect, thanks to the combined action of heat and steam that helps blood and lymphatic circulation, dissolving toxins and promoting their elimination through sweating.
Inside the Rasul Bath, the combination of clays applied on the skin, oriental aromas and mild temperature with pleasant steam, make a complete skin purification service.