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Regain your body and mind balance


Discover our relaxing and revitalising health treatments

Imagine the restorative benefits of a remote spot in the Dolomites. Now imagine the wellness areas where to reset thanks to the treatments designed to enhance Alloch water’s properties. This is our formula to balance and strengthen your bioenergy. At Terme Antico Bagno Hotel, you can unplug from your daily routine. We’re here to take care of you.


Indoor and outdoor pools

Embrace the beneficial power of thermal water. All year round, with snow-capped peaks or in the summer sunshine.

Enjoy an intense and relaxing experience. The facility includes two swimming pools: a Jacuzzi pool that maintains a temperature of 32 °C and a larger pool, 140 cm deep, that maintains a temperature of 34 °C.


Whirlpools and therapeutic waterfalls

In our indoor swimming pool (the larger one), you can discover the benefits of a water massage lounge, two waterfalls with therapeutic effects thanks to the two back jets and a rehabilitation treatment consisting of a lymphatic drainage massage and a counter-current walking experience. In addition, our whirlpool will pamper you in the Dolomite’s warm thermal waters.

The Thermal Cave

Our thermal cave is warm and humid. Its waterfall and cascades enhance the regenerating action of the thermal water. Switch from one jet to another, and let the water massage your back and neck vigorously. An experience that will benefit your cervical spine and relax your upper back. The thermal water is rich in sulphates and thus perfect for cleansing and detoxifying impure skin.

The Restorative Sauna

After a long day in the mountains, a sauna is just what you need. A restorative moment, a tradition, a space where to detox and relax. Regenerate your body and mind in our sauna and discover the beneficial effects of the Alloch water. Have a thermal shower before stepping inside. The heat will purify your skin and remove accumulated toxins.

A fully equipped gym

Pick a workout that works for you. Warm up before the session and enjoy the experience. In our hotel, you’ll find a modern equipped gym to keep fit or recover from an injury. Pick the workout for you: use the treadmill, the suspension elliptical trainer, the fitness bike, the multi-station and or the fitness equipment.


Sit on a 40°C heated chair and relax, inhaling thermal vapours.